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Swiss Mercenary

n Janne Nilsson

Overall view of the vignette

Close-up on the mercenary figure

My Swiss Mercenary is a 120mm figure from Verlinden. The figure was basically built striaght out-of-the-box. I made only a few minor modifications. The joint lines on the figures' hands were enhanced with a knife. Also a scar in the face and wrinkles in the forehead were added. I painted the face with artists' oils and the rest in Humbrol enamels.

Min Swiss Mercenary är en 120mm figur från Verlinden. Figuren byggdes i princip direkt ur lådan. Endast några mindre förbättringar gjordes. Lederna på fingarna markerades ut genom att rista med en vass kniv. Ett ärr i ansiktet ristades in och rynkor och i pannan likaså. Ansiktet målades i oljefärger, övrigt med Humbrol.

Figure's face painted in artist oilsDetail of the baseDetail of the pillar and door hingeMercenary's armor

The base was scratch-built with the help of wooden strips inteded for dollhouse makers and some plastic sheet. The pillars were made 1/35th scale rendition of of corrugated roof plate which was wrapped and glued around a semi-circular pieces of wood.

The scene shows my Mercenary standing as a guard on the post in a late 15th century palace, or perhaps a church.

Basen scratchbyggdes med hjälp av lister avsedda för dockskåp samt Plastic Card. Pelarna gjordes av takplåt i 1/35 som klistrades över en halvrund träprofil.

Min tanke var att avbilda en livvakt i en palats (eller kanske kyrka). Tiden är någon gång i slutet på 1400-talet.

A lifeguard in a 15th century palace


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