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Volume 2, 1998

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January  - December 1998
9 issues
32 articles

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December 1998

JAS 39 Gripen - 10th Anniversary of first flight
Fredrik Zetterberg looks back at the 10-years long history of Sweden's newest combat aircraf. Accompanied with a set of beautiful photos courtesy of SAAB themselves!

Camouflage and Markings: Focke-Wulf Fw 190
Rick Kent's series of camouflage aricles continues with this coverage of the famous 'Butcher Bird'.

Louis de Never
Janne Nilsson's coverage of the battle of Crezy continues...

The Cassino defender. Another figure by Janne Nilsson.

November 1998

Camouflage and Markings of Bristol Beaufighter - Part 1
Rick Kent's comprehensive coverage of the marks and camouflage of this famous British twin. This part one covers earlier versions of the aircraft up to Mk. VI.

Camouflage and Markings of Bristol Beaufighter - Part 2
Part two of Rick Kent's comprehensive feature on Beaufighter's camouflage covers later marks of the aircraft.

Janne Nilsson takes you back to the 15th century again, this time a bit less seriously...

Bristol Beaufighter in Kit Form
Martin Waligorski takes a quick look at the modeller's options to build a Beaufighter model.

Building a Norwegian Beaufighter
...Finally, Nils Mathisrud reports his impressions from building Hasegawa Beaufighter kit in 1/72nd scale.

October 1998

Camouflage and Markings of Hawker Hunter
Find an attractive camouflage scheme for that new Revell Hunter kit. Rick Kent presents an array of color profiles, covering many versions of this classic British jet.

Modelling Tamiya's Panzer III L
Janne Nilsson's does justice to the excellent Tamiya kit by putting this German tank in the middle of the Russian steppe.

Mig-29 Fulcrum in Detail
A detailed walkaround of this modern, yet classic, Russian fighter - now even  in service with the unified Luftwaffe. Pictures by Stephan Voellings, text by Martin Waligorski

Backdating Heller's SAAB Safir to SAAB 201 Experimental Aircraft
Anders Nowotny goes into the esoteric by applying vaccum-formed conversion kit to Heller's SAAB Safir. The result is... an aircraft you probably haven't heard of.

Swiss Mercenary
Janne Nilsson takes you back to the 15th century with this award-winning vignette.

September 1998

Converting Heller's SAAB J21A to J21R
Mike Scalingi shares his experiences from an advanced conversion project, and shows what can be achieved starting from a basic kit.

Pro Modeller, Amateur Toolmaker
Martin Waligorski takes a critical look at Revell/ProModeler's 1/72 kit of Spitfire Mk. V.

Building a Large-Scale S31 Spitfire
Mike Scalingi shows an alternative way to build a Swedish S31 Spitfire, describing his award-winning model in 1/32nd scale.

F4U-4 Corsair Diorama
Janne Nilsson's worthy finish to his F4U-4 Corsair project.

August 1998

Spitfire PR Mk XIX  in detail
A comprehensive walkaround of the ultimate recconaissance Spitfire. By Joachim Smith.

Modelling the Spitfire PR Mk XIX
A detailed survey of your options to build a model of PR Mk XIX, any scale. By Joachim Smith

Fredrik Zetterberg shares a part of his photo collection from IAT, covering interesting 'Tiger' camouflages.

IPMS Open 98 Report -Part 2
Magnus Fridsell and Martin Waligorski conclude their photographic report from this year's largest modelling contest in Sweden.

June 1998

IPMS Open 98 Report -Part 1
Photographic report from Sweden's major modelling competition. By Magnus Fridsell and Martin Waligorski.

May 1998

A Story about LOU IV
A serious attempt is made to resolve a well-known P-51 Mustang camouflage puzzle. A teamwork made on rec.models.scale

World War II Colors - in Color
A handful of true color photographs from the period of WW2, researched and described. Group work of many dedicated souls, now updated again.

Scaling the Spitfire - My Misadventures in 1/24th Scale-Land
Jeff Warshaw of IPMS Orange County gives Airfix 1/24 Spitfire kit a try.

April 1998

SAAB 37 Viggen in detail
The complete walkaround of the mighty Swedish jet. By Martin Waligorski.

Seversky P-35 in detail
A detailed walkaround, just in time for you to build the new MPM kit. By Martin Waligorski.

January 1998

Avro Lancaster in detail
Martin Waligorski takes a close look at the RAF's best bomber ever.

Supermarine Walrus in detail
The 'Shagbat' scrutinized. By Martin Waligorski.

German WW I pilot
Janne Nilsson builds a simple but effective scene.

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