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IPMS Stockholm's Showcase

February 1999

n Photos by Peter Alsterberg
Text by Martin Waligorski

We've decided to show off some of the work that people from IPMS Stockholm have completed recently. During recent year or so the modelling activity in our club really improved, which resulted in many excellent models on the table each month. We thought that they'd be worth presenting to a wider audience - hence this showcase. It contains only some of the models brought to and presented at our February club meeting, but practical limitations (quite poor light conditions at the meeting table, and bandwidth limitations of the Internet) forced us to focus on a few objects.

These pictures are accompanied with only most rudimentary comments. Just enjoy the models, as we did!

wpeA.jpg (21588 bytes)

An excellent querter-scale Bf-109G-6, built from Hasegawa kit and finished in kit markings.

wpe13.jpg (17037 bytes)

PzKfw VI King Tiger with Porsche turret. Scale is, of course, 1/35.

wpe14.jpg (16771 bytes)

wpeB.jpg (19265 bytes)

A superb Supermarine Scimitar, built from Dynavector multimedia kit.

wpeE.jpg (10744 bytes)wpe11.jpg (6207 bytes)

Lippisch P.13 projected
ram-jet fighter.
The 1/48 kit came from Revell. 

wpe16.jpg (12342 bytes)

Another AFV in 1/35th scale, this time a contemporary M2 Bradley Infantry Fighting Vehicle

wpe15.jpg (20469 bytes)

wpe17.jpg (29033 bytes)

P-47D Thunderbolt in very convincing bare-metal finish. Quarter scale.

Finally another tour the force in metal finishes in from of a North American F-86 Sabre.

wpe18.jpg (30954 bytes)


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