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IPMS Stockholm's Showcase

March 1999

n Photos by Peter Alsterberg
Text by Martin Waligorski

Here are some new models recently completed by members of IPMS Stockholm. We hope that you'll enjoy the photos. Regrettably the models look even better in reality then they do on pictures. See you at the meeting next time... :-)

wpe6.jpg (17234 bytes)

A wonderful large-scale replica of Lewis gun of World War I vintage.

showcase_9903_02.jpg (22940 bytes)

This beauty is a Spitfire Mk. I. The kit and the Battle of Britain markings come from Tamiya.
The scale is 1/48.

showcase_9903_03.jpg (16436 bytes)

This simple scene from the Eastern Front is built around Tamiya' s Schwimmwagen.
1/35th scale.

showcase_9903_04.jpg (48914 bytes)

showcase_9903_05.jpg (10960 bytes)One of our members promised himself to bring one new Fw 190 model to every meeting this year. This one has been made on a truly tight schedule: Magnus completed the model in 2 hours! Perhaps not a competition-quality result, but still some achievement...

The kit is Heller Fw-190 A-8 in 1/72nd scale.

showcase_9903_06.jpg (25435 bytes)This P-38J Lightning has been built from Hasegawa's quarter-scale kit.

showcase_9903_07.jpg (16339 bytes)

showcase_9903_08.jpg (15199 bytes)

showcase_9903_09.jpg (6477 bytes)showcase_9903_10.jpg (5803 bytes)Apparently a part of some larger project:  figure of a German soldier.





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