December 2002

Aztec Eagle: P-47D of the Mexican Expeditionary Air Force
Alfonso Velasco Jr's discovers his family connection to the P-47 Thunderbolt.

A Foothold on Red Beach 2
Action-filled Tarawa 1943 vignette by Andreas Herbst.

Guten Apetit!
Bengt-E Johansson finds a perfect setting for a German field kitchen diorama.

John F. Thornell and his P-51B Mustang
Tamiya's P-51B built and finished by Tomasz Gronczewski.

Scale Modelworld 2002 Highlights, contd.
Additional photos from the recent Scale Modelworld 2002 in Telford, UK. By Magnus Fridsell.

November 2002

Camouflage & Markings: Luftwaffe Bomber Camouflage - Live
Frank Spahr's amazing discovery of true RLM colour samples preserved on... scale models.

Spitfire Mk. XVI - Mastering the Art of Fine Detail
Marek Barbaszynski describes his extensive treatment of the ICM kit.

Tech Tips: Realistic Sea Bases
Japanese modeller Omami shows how to produce photorealistic sea bases for ship models.

Scale Modelworld 2002 Highlights
Magnus Fridsell's selection of favourite models from Europe's largest modelling show.

Fem vikingar i västerled
Magnus Fridsell's hela reportage från Scale Modelworld 2002.

October 2002

Improved Beyond Recognition!
Revell Fw 190D-11 with some exquisite detailing built by Ricardo Dacoba.

M16 Half-Track by Andreas Herbst
Hasegawa's Half-Track converted into M16 anti-aircraft version.

Israeli M51 Isherman
Academy's kit expertly built out-of-the-box by T J Tang.

Republic RF-84F Thunderflash in Detail (Reprise)
Magnus Fridsell takes a closer look at the RF-84F in the Brussels Air Force museum

Camouflage & Markings: Republic RF-84F Thunderflash in Belgian Service
A review of Belgian RF-84F paint schemes.

August 2002

Enjoying the Tamiya Marder
Another guest appearance of Andrew Dextras from the Missing Links, this time with a beautifully finished Marder III.

Tech Tips: Moulding Canopies
Magnus Fridsell show how to produce a crystal-clear replacement canopy for your model.

Camouflage & Markings: Fokker Dr. I aces
Tomasz Gronczewski researches two Fokker camouflage schemes.

Paul Baümer and his Fokker
Droagon/DML Fokker Dr.I built by Tomasz Gronczewski

Landing in Normandy
Heavy surf and fire on the Juno beach reduced to scale by Christopher Holland. 

There Was Something Special About the Cutlass...
Hobbycraft F7U-3 modelled by L-G Johansson

June 2002

The Mobile Car
A piece of creative modelling by Mikael de Bourg Wetterlund, built from a  most unusual "kit".

Pulqui: Argentina's Jet Adventure
Ricardo Dacoba and Martin Waligorski describe the history of Argentina's entry into the jet age.

A Short Visit to Tinytown
Andrew Dextras from Missing Links makes a guest appearance in this magazine with two Revell 1/72 armor models.

Tech Tips: Making Diorama Groundwork
Christopher Holland's guide to making a convincing diorama groundwork.

High-Flying Diesel: A 1/72 conversion of the civil Ju 86 to the Ju 86 R
Peter Ibes reshapes the well-known Italeri Ju 86 kit.

I'm Back!
After 20 years in the limelight, Alfonso Velasco Jr. takes a dive into deep waters with this 1/32 A-10 Warthog.

May 2002

IPMS Open 2002 Virtual Tour
This magazine issue is exclusively devoted to last month's Swedish national modelling contest. The 'Virtual Tour' is a photo collection counting hundreds of images which gives you a unique opportunity to re-visit the show online.

April 2002

Polish Spitfire: Hasegawa Spit Mk. VB with improvements
Rickard Malmborg spoils a good Tamiya kit and a pair of nylon stockings to get a perfect finish on this 303 Sqn. Spitfire.

Tech Tips: Chemical Etching
A straightforward technique of processing  your own metal parts. By Dennis Glas.

Messerschmitt Me 262B in detail
Messerschmitt's magnum opus in the night fighter guise, documented by the joint effort of Graeme Adamson, Charles Hugo and Martin Waligorski.

Learning to Paint: Improving the painting techniques with the Fujimi 1/72 Stuka
The highly educational project conducted and described in detail by Rob de Bie.

1937 Ford Pickup
Sven Ornberg's model of Ford's classic commercial car described by Martin Waligorski.

March 2002

Two Cockpits, One Level of Detail
Ricardo Dacoba returns this month with another eye-candy: converting the Hasegawa 1/48 Bf-109G-2 to G-12 trainer variant is the subject of this feature.

Tech Tips: Model Car Painting with Real Automotive Paints
Automotive paints offer lots of advantages for the modeller, but have an opinion of being difficult to use. This article takes you through the learning curve.

Camouflage & Markings: Frederick Hughes and the Boulton Paul Defiant
Aircraft of this night fighter ace reconstructed in color profiles by Tomasz Gronczewski.

Mercedes Benz L3000
German army's workhorse re-created in miniature by Lennart Malmros.

Space Marines securing sector 45.12
A tiny sci-fi diorama by Chistopher Holland.

January 2002

Made it home... - A Scene from the Battle of Britain, 1940
Anders Isaksson captures the drama of this heroic battle in a beautifully compact 1/48 scale diorama.

Tech Tips: Building Houses in Braille Scale
Christopher Holland explains an easy technique  to create buildings for 1/72-1/76 scale dioramas.

FFVS J 22 in Detail
Yes, it's a World War II fighter you should know more about, hence this sizeable reference feature. Teamwork by Magnus Fridsell, Andreas Samuelsson and Martin Waligorski.

J 22 in Kit Form
Magnus Fridsell describes the options to build a model of the J 22.