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Volume 7, 2003

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10 issues, 48 articles

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December 2003

The Awesome "Banana Jet" - Getting in terms with Airfix 1/72 Buccaneer kit
An impressive modelling effort by Jan Forsgren.

Tech Tips: How to Assemble Individual-Blade Propellers
...with perfect alignment every time! By Sten Ekedahl.

Poltava 1709
54mm figure from Elite Miniatures converted by Markus Eriksson.

Out-of-the-box Hellcat - Academy's M18 Tank Destroyer Stands for a Good Deal of Modelling Pleasure
Micke Arreborn's model described and photographed by Martin Waligorski.

The Arctic Experte: Bf 109G-2 flown by Luftwaffe ace Heinrich Ehrler (204 victories)
1/48 Hasegawa Bf 109G still makes an excellent model out-of-the-box. By Tomasz Gronczewski.

Photo Album: Those Magnificent Wright Brothers and their Flying Machines
Our tribute to the 100th anniversary of aviation is this pictorial history of Wright brothers' invention.

November 2003

Modelling for a Lifetime - A Story About the Ultimate Spitfire Collection
Raúl Hrubisko presents his amazing collection of 1/72 Spitfires

Imperial Battleship: Hasegawa 1/700 Japanese batteship Ise
An adventure in intricate detailing by Anders Lindgren.

Opposite Lock: 1995 Subaru RAC Rally Diorama
Colin McRea speeds down the country road in this diorama by Darren Maharaj

Camouflage & Markings: Curtiss Hawk 75 in Armée de l'Air Service
The fate of Curtiss P-36 in French service described through profile artwork of Thierry Dekker.

U-Boot Type XXI in Detail
From forward torpedo tubes to aft Pilenwerfer launcher, this reference feature has everything about the ultimate German U-boat.

October 2003

M1025 Humvee: The all-new Tamiya kit is built out of the box
Anders Isaksson gets an an award-winning model from the excellent kit.

Extreme airbrushing: Lockheed F-16 in 1991 Tiger Meet markings
Ricardo Dacoba explores the extend of his airbrushing skills.

Mustang Mk. III: ICM 1/48 P-51B in RAF colours
Wojtek Perkowski from Poland finishes his Mustang in the colours of No. 315 (Polish) Sqn RAF.

Tamiya Fw 190A-3 
Tamiya's quarter-scale classic still goes together like Lego bricks. By Vegard Henanger.

Antonov An-2 Colt in Detail
Martin Waligorski and Frank Spahr examine this hulk of a biplane.

August 2003

The Future of Armour: Modelling the RX-79G Gundam
Fernando Cuenca's adventure into the world of Mecha modelling.

Thunderbolt for the British
Leonard Thomson builds a British P-47 Thunderbolt Mk. II.

Highland Clansman, Culloden 1746
Hand-painted Scottish kilt in another figure creation by Magnus Löfqvist.

T-55 by Tamiya: The Definitive Kit of the Cold War Armour Classic is Here
Add glue and shake the box, but don't forget those Friul tracks! By Brandon Hopkins.

Camouflage & Markings: Bell 206L Long Ranger in Swedish Police Service
A veteran of the Swedish airborne Police unit in profile artwork of Tor Karlsson.

Photo Album: US Beach Landing Operations, 1943-45 (Part 2)
The anatomy of an amphibious assault is the subject of this month's photo album. By Martin Walgorski.

June 2003

Do You Remember Your First Plastic Model?
Magnus Fridsell's highly personal tribute to his first scale model.

Out of the Big Box: Academy's 1/72nd Scale PBY-5 Catalina
An impressive pre-war Cat in silver and yellow. By Darrell Carney.

Romanian Marder: Skoda R2 TACAM Tank Destroyer
Esoteric Rumanian self-propelled gun modelled by Micke Arreborn.

Conversion, the Easy Way: Academy P-47D Thunderbolt converted to C model
Darrell Thompson turns a good kit to a great model with the help of a few simple additions.

Photo Album: US Beach Landing Operations, 1943-45 (Part 1)
The anatomy of an amphibious assault is the subject of this month's photo album. By Martin Walgorski.

May 2003

The Famous Jutta - Haupt. Josef Priller's Fw 190A-5 in 1/72 scale
Kuba  Plewka converts and details the Hasegawa kit.

Camouflage & Markings: Bell P-39 Airacobra in USAAF Service
Spectacular artwork and colour analysis of this subject brought to these pages by Tomasz Gronczewski 

5th Georgia Infantry, 1861
Magnus Lovqvist 54 mm figure of an officer of the famous Clinch Rifles.

The Little Known Fieseler F5
A pre-war sports aviation subject presented by Wolfgang Henrich

Tech Tips: Scale Drawings Conversion Chart
A simple but useful help for those who like working from drawings.

April 2003

Special April update: IPMS Open 2003

IPMS Open 2003 Virtual Tour
This extensive photo report covers all competition classes of this year's Swedish Nationals.

March 2003

Shading the Shadow
AMT/ERTL 1/48 Lockheed ES-3A with subtle finish by Scott Nagle

Tech Tips: The Look of Varnished Wood
When looking at Tony Bell's painted-on wood in this how-to article, you can almost smell that varnish!

A Basset Hound That Had Swallowed a Camel
Kind of ugly but original,  Classic Airframes' Fairey Battle Trainer modelled by Sebastién Privat

Sd.Kfz. 250/1 Neu
German half-track, kit by Dragon, model by Toni Canfora

Photo Album: Bismarck
The brief career of Germany's most famous battleship.

February 2003

Don't Say You Weren't Warned!
Frank Spahr's private battle with Hobbycraft's Arado Ar 234.

Tech Tips: Detergent Wash
Fredrik Lundbeck describes the use of household laundry detergent in model finishes.

Boeing's Chase Sabre
F-86 Sabre in civilian guise modelled by Stefan Eriksson.

1934 Duesenberg Dual Cowl Phaeton
Old Monogram kit superbly finished by Sven Örnberg

Photo Album: Deck Landing Incidents
A photographic collection presented by Martin Waligorski

January 2003

LAV-AT Out Of The Box (Part I)
This model may be OOTB, but what a finish! Anders Isaksson explains his painting and weathering techniques in this two-part feature.

LAV-AT Out Of The Box (Part II)
Anders Isaksson continues with detailed account on the weathering of his LAV-AT.

Focke-Wulf Fw 44 Stieglitz in Detail
Classic Luftwaffe trainer presented and described by Ricardo Dacoba and Martin Waligorski.

JS-2M ChKZ Russian Tank
Dragon kit still going strong, especially with additional modifications. Model by Valter Turkalj.

Flitzer Flies!
Kozel of Czech Republic builds 1/72 Revell kit of this Luft'46 subject

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