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Dinner Winner

Trophy Models' 1/35 BRDM-1 Soviet Armoured Car

n by Peter Holst

This started out as a bet between me and two of my modelling friends. The objective was to build an armoured car to C4-Open 2005 (a yearly modelling show in Malmö, Sweden - Ed.). The guy who failed to get ready in time had to invite the others to a dinner.

I opted for the BRDM-1. I have always liked the subject since I first saw the kit. It looks fast, a bit like a sports car in my eyes, with its low sleek silhouette.

I used the old Trophy Models version of the "plain" reconnaissance BRDM-1. The original plan was to build it straight out of the box (to ensure that I didn't have to pay for that dinner!) but I soon realized that some small modifications would improve the model.

Building the Kit

The Trophy Model's BRDM is a very well executed resin kit. The hull is a solid one-piece casting without any bubbles or warping. I cannot comment on the dimensions, but at least it looks like a BRDM-1 in my eyes. The details are unfortunately wrong in many areas. And note that the enclosed template for the roof hatches are too small!

The Trophy models BRDM-1 is a very nice resin model without any air bubbles or warping. Only the roof hatches need to be modified as the provided templates are too small.

I drilled out the solid headlights and added lenses from PSP models. The main roof spotlight was also drilled out, painted silver on the inside and got a small light bulb made of Green Stuff. The lens came from MR-models. As I published the progression of the BRDM-1 at the In the Works forum on this site I got some good advice from fellow car modelers, so I also sanded down the lenses and gave it a coat of Future Floor Wax (or Johnsons Golvpolish as it is called in Sweden).

The MR-models lenses prior to sanding and after a sanding and a coat of Future.

I added some lead tread to the cable winch. An that was about all.

Lead tread was used to simulate cables.


The model was painted dark green. I then sprayed a some lighter green clouds on all flat open surfaces to get a little more "life" and 3D effect on the model.

Then the model was washed with different shades of oils. Unfortunately this reduced the effect of the light green. Finally when the oils had dried I added some rain streaks with heavily diluted Tamiya Buff.

And that was about it! The figure is from Tamiya's WWII Tank Crew equipped with new arms taken from a Dragon figure set (can't remember which one) and a modern Russian tank crew head from Hornet. Oh, and yes, I finished my armoured car in time for the C4-Open. The other two guys didn't. The dinner was nice, with toast Skagen for starters, then pork chops casserole Brut de Normandie, a nice dessert and a bottle of good Swedish brandy, Grönsteds XO. I am a great fan of this hobby!


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